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Among so many resources out there on leadership and teams we tend to get lost a bit. Harry Meintassis and Crina Penteleychuk are putting together a place where you can find some of the most interesting resources and ideas about teams, leadership and not only. Harry has worked with teams and leadership worldwide for over 25 years. Crina has also worked with teams and leaders for over 17 years.

  • Interesting videos recommendations of renown leaders, authors, researchers

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  • Tools that work for teams and leaders to see, identify, work with challenges and innovation

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    Te Art of TEAMing and its Future in an Ever-Changing World

    • Harry Meintassis Intro Speech

    • Harry Meintassis & Crina Penteleychuk discussion on the Art of TEAMing

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    Harry Meintassis & Crina Penteleychuk Insights

    • Future-fit Mindsets: Transforming Organisations, Leaders and Teams When Everything Changes

    • Podcast episode: Crina & Harry about Antifragility

    • Harry Meintassis articles

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Leadership Strategist & Business Coach

Harry Meintassis

Leadership and organisation strategist, working with leaders and communities to create a bright future together.. 25 years of business and consulting experience, with global organizations Held leadership roles with top advisory firms: Senior Manager, Business Transformation in Ernst & Young; Managing Director, South East Europe in Hay Group; Managing Partner in Korn Ferry Romania. Advises senior executives, at global scale, on leadership transformation, future of organisations and leading change. Coaches CEOs, executives and senior leadership teams to bring strategy to life and maximise human potential. Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from University of Athens, Greece; an MBA from the University of Birmingham, UK, and a Master’s Degree in International Relations (with distinction). Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, UK. Active speaker in public events and conferences / publishes regularly on leadership and talent management

Senior trainer & Organisational Coach

Crina Penteleychuk - EN

Founder CRILIA GROUP – Entrepreneur, Senior Trainer and Organisational Coach that helps organisations, teams and individuals build future-fit capabilities, and inspiring cultures - Design learning strategies and training solutions aimed to build skills and adaptive mindsets to re-invent and drive change. - Coach leaders on how to develop engaging cultures, manage communication & conflicts, assess potential and build high performing teams - Coordinate integrated training programmes as part of change management and culture transformation - focused on Communication & Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence, Team dynamics, Coaching skills, Feedback, Happiness and Well-being, Resilience and managing Stress. International Certifications: - Trainer at The Institute for Leadership and Management UK - Certified trainer Process Communication Model® - Kahler Communication Europe - NeuroMindfulness® Coach Certification - Neuromindfulness Institute - MBA Essentials - London School of Economics - NeuroTeamView® certification 17 years experience, over 10.000 training hours delivered, 12 years training inside over 45 companies.
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    You will find here valuable and concise information, gathered while working with teams and leaders, standing by their side and taking on the challenges together.

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    In going through the resources we gathered you will see references to top professionals that have researched and written about teams and leadership.

  • Colliding perspectives

    We aim at giving more than one perspective to things. We will deliver not one truth, but ways in which you can look at the truth and then decide what actions you can take.

Join us in building a space for leaders that want to grow and support their teams in the most meaningful way!