You will learn

We all influence others every day. Using the influencing tactics intentionally, adapting to the context, situation and people we are interacting is essential

  • You will understand what influencing really is

  • You will be able to identify suitable tactics of influencing for different situation you encounter

  • You will be able to understand when other people use influencing tactics

  • Case studies with specific situation and how influencing tactics work

Structure of training

  • 1

    Influencing tactics

    • What is influencing and what do we need to know?

    • Persuasion Principles

    • Hard influencing tactics

    • Soft & Rational influencing tactics

    • Use of influencing tactics

    • Effectiveness of each influencing tactic


Senior trainer & Organisational Coach

Crina Penteleychuk - EN

Founder CRILIA GROUP – Entrepreneur, Senior Trainer and Organisational Coach that helps organisations, teams and individuals build future-fit capabilities, and inspiring cultures - Design learning strategies and training solutions aimed to build skills and adaptive mindsets to re-invent and drive change. - Coach leaders on how to develop engaging cultures, manage communication & conflicts, assess potential and build high performing teams - Coordinate integrated training programmes as part of change management and culture transformation - focused on Communication & Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence, Team dynamics, Coaching skills, Feedback, Happiness and Well-being, Resilience and managing Stress. International Certifications: - Trainer at The Institute for Leadership and Management UK - Certified trainer Process Communication Model® - Kahler Communication Europe - NeuroMindfulness® Coach Certification - Neuromindfulness Institute - MBA Essentials - London School of Economics - NeuroTeamView® certification 17 years experience, over 10.000 training hours delivered, 12 years training inside over 45 companies.
  • Information

    You will find here valuable and concise information, the perfect combination of useful information, real life applicability and spot on direction do navigate situations and relationships with ease.

  • Top references

    In going through the course you will see references to top professionals that have researched and written about influencing and hod that impacts work and non-work relationships.

  • Short and concise

    Throughout the entire course, we aim at keeping things simple and concise. With the minimum amount of time invested you get the maximum amount of benefits that are ready to use.

Find out what influencing tactics you can use in working with the others and how to adapt them to different situations!!