Take time and study Process Communication Model®

Did you know: the model has been used successfully by NASA

starting with 1976 in evaluating and preparing teams?

The highly practical use of the model can benefit every individual, but it is also beneficial for teams, from top management to production teams. The model has benefits when it comes to self-awareness, conflict management, motivating people, interpersonal communication and group communication, leadership, coaching.

If all the members of a team could benefit the most from this training, the starting point should be the Top Management team

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What you will learn

With the ADVANCED package we will explore all aspects of PCM and how they can be used in your day-to-day life


  • 6 different ways in which people perceive the world and how are those verbally expressed,
  • Individual strengths and weak points,  as well as why sometimes we react according to some patterns. 
  • Why with some people we can connect almost instantly and with others things looks as they will never work. 
  • Interaction styles and how people work with them. 
  • Communication channels that are specific to each type of personality. 
  • Patterns in reacting to distress in each of the 6 types of personalities. 


  • Addressing conflicts and failed communication or misunderstandings.
  • Developing a positive communication style using the proper motivation for different interlocutors. 
  • Speaking in order to be heard and understood. 
  • The skill of "reading" the personality of the others in under 15 minutes of interaction. 
  • Identifying entering distress and addressing it before creating conflict. 
  • Using interaction styles in order to have an efficient communication. 
  • Using the right communication channels for each type of personality. 
  • Using specific techniques of inviting the others to get out of distress patterns. 

Benefit from PCM® while tapping into the details that will help you understand better yourself and the others!